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I have been contracted by Big Ring Films the past number of years to produce and edit two feature length documentaries taking a look at the behind the scenes action of the Tour de France and Paris-Roubaix cycling races along with various previews and trailers to support the films.

My client followed the entire Tour de France in 2000 and the 2005 Paris-Roubaix and shot all his adventures with a mini DV camera. He had a vision for his footage of the Tour, and so in 2001 we set out to produce a very unique take on the Tour that had not been done before.

Taking direction from the excutive producer, I completed everything from timecoding, capturing, storyboarding, to editing initial versions. Once the final version was laid out, I hired my friend Eric at Slippeddisk Media to share his expertise with final rounds of editing and production. I then scored the film, creating a third of the music myself and using friends and acquaintances bands that were appropriate for the rest.

My clients' goal from the beginning was to use the film as a fund raising vehicle for the Lance Armstrong Foundation (www.LAF.org), an organization helping survivors of cancer.

I have created a website complete with trailers from the film to help promote the documentary. The film has been very well received by cyclists and none cyclists alike. Since it's release in 2002 my client has raised over $160,000 for the LAF through DVD sales and film showings. The original goal was to raise $100,000. Click on the boxcover image to visit the site.

View a few clips from the film:

Opening sequence to The Tour Baby! Play>>

U.S. Postal Cycling Team action at the 2000 Tour de France. Play>>

Postcards to Lance. Play>>

Watch a 3 minute movie at alpe d'huez during the 2001 Tour de France. Play>>

The same process was repeated a few years later for the film Cobbles Baby! in which my client followed the single most difficult one-day professional cycling race where riders cover almost 200 miles in a single day with a third of the course being very old and rough cobble stone roads through northern France into Belgium. I performed all of the editing, assistant producer duties, and scored the piece with licensed music as well as a few clips of my own composition. Click on the boxcover image to visit the site and view the preview trailer.

These have been very exciting projects and it is my goal to do more of this nature. I would like to continue working with action sport organizations as well as music groups. I have also edited wedding videos and family memorials so I am available for most types of other editing projects as well. Samples of these types of projects are available upon request.